Serbs are increasingly buying apartments in Greece, Trieste and on the Bulgarian coast

Serbian citizens are buying apartments in Greece in great numbers. Just on the Chalkidiki peninsula, they bought around 15,000 properties last year alone.

There also seems to be a craze for buying apartments in Trieste and on the Bulgarian coast, because they are cheaper than those in Greece, reports RTS.

The purchasing procedures do not differ significantly from those for the local population. Thanks to favourable prices, Greece is the No 1 country for Serbs buying property abroad.

“Serbs are mainly buying apartments which average price ranges between 1,350 and 2,000 euro per square metre. This is the lowest price range,’ says Aleksandra Jovanović, a real estate agent in Greece.

If you want to buy a flat in Greece, apart from money, you have to find a good real estate agency that mediates the purchase. The possibility of a double sale is minimal and the agencies also have translators, lawyers and good contacts with notaries public to facilitate the purchase.

“When you buy a property in Greece, you pay only a 3% tax. For instance, the annual tax for the apartment I sold last week, which has 55 square metres and is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, is only 140 euro,” Jovanović said.

(RTV, 02.08.2022)


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