Serbia’s public debt grows in March

The deficit of the state budget of Serbia amounted to RSD 23.5 billion in the first three months, the Ministry of Finance announced.

Budget revenues amounted to RSD 317.7 billion, and expenditures stood at RSD 341.2 billion. In March 2021 alone, a deficit of RSD 31 billion was recorded.

26.8 billion dinars was spent on civil servant salaries, interest on loans cost 11.9 billion, capital expenditure 25.2 billion and financial transfers to mandatory social insurance organisations (state pension fund, state health insurance fund, the National Employment Service, etc.) amounted to 17.7 billion dinars.

The public debt of Serbia at the end of March 2021 amounted to EUR 28.1 billion, 55.7% of the GDP, the Ministry of Finance announced. At the end of February, the public debt was EUR 27 billion, that is, 53.5% of the GDP.

The public debt of Serbia at the end of last year amounted to around EUR 26.7 billion, that is, 57.4% of the GDP.

According to the annual plan related to the state budget for this period, a fiscal deficit in the amount of 80.9 billion dinars was expected.

(Danas, 05.05.2021)



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