Serbia’s public debt EUR 27 billion

The Serbian Public Debt Authority said on Wednesday that Serbia owes more than 27 billion Euro on loans, bonds and to investors.

It said that in September 2023, Serbia’s public debt stood at 8.93 billion Euro. The country also owes 6.80 billion Euro to investors in long-term state Dinar bonds.

Serbia owes foreign governments 3.438 billion Euro in loans and another 2.518 billion to the Export-Import Bank of China.

According to the latest data, the International Monetary Fund is owed 2.514 billion Euro and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 2.210 billion.

Serbia issued long-term Eurobonds worth 1.93 billion Euro and owes the European Investment Bank 1.851 billion.

The Public Debt Authority figures show that 58.1 percent of the debt is in Euro, 20.6 in Dinars and 13.8 in Dollars.

(Forbes Serbia, 30.11.2023)


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