Serbia’s population census to start in October

“Population census will take place in Serbia from 1 to 31 October and for the first time this year, data will be entered in electronic forms using laptops,” said Snezana Lakcevic, deputy director of the State Statistics Office (RZS).

“The Law on the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings from 2022 provides the legal basis for conducting the census. This law was preceded by the law adopted in February 2020 according to which the census was scheduled for April 2021, which was impossible to execute due to the pandemic. In making the decision to postpone the census, we were guided by the UN recommendations, but also by the experiences and plans of European countries that use the traditional census method, but above all by the advice of our government’s Crisis Response Unit,” said Lakcevic.

“The traditional census also implies training people to go door-to-door and record answers in forms (electronic or paper). The census will begin on 1st October and 15,000 census staff will go door-to-door to collect data through interviews. Every census (the last one in Serbia was in 2011) is a gold mine of data and a legacy for the future,” she underlines.

Tenants need not worry

Snezana Lakcevic adds that in previous years, people who were living in rented properties felt uneasy giving out data.

“For us, the only important thing is the place of dwelling, not the tenant’s official registered address in their ID. Both property owners and people who rent them need not worry. The census data is for statistical purposes only. The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data,” she adds.

For children under the age of 15, their parents, adoptive parents or guardians provide data. The data in census forms are protected and confidentiality is guaranteed.

(Kurir, 11.04.2022)


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