Serbia’s import of electric cars constantly growing

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly present in the Serbian market. According to data from the Serbian Association of Importers of Vehicles and Auto-Parts, 469 electric and 5,533 hybrid vehicles were imported into Serbia as of August of this year.

204 new electric vehicles and 265 used ones were imported and in the case of hybrid vehicles, the ratio appears to be 4,207 new to 1,326 used ones.

The Association’s data show that there is an increase in the import of both electric and hybrid cars compared to the same period last year. Namely, when it comes to new electric vehicles, that increase is as much as 65 percent and for new hybrids, it is 50 percent.

Minimum and maximum price

When it comes to the prices of these cars, the cheapest new electric car costs about 15,000 euros and a used one about 6,500 euros. The minimum price at which a new hybrid was purchased was around 13,500 euros and a used one was around 8,000 euros.

The most expensive electric car imported this year had a selling price of more than 135,000 euros. The Association states that sales prices depend and vary on the equipment package ordered.

The development of the electric vehicle market in Serbia will depend on the growth of average wages.

The average annual Serbian net salary, which last year, was around 7,600 euros, is still insufficient for the majority of citizens to purchase an electric vehicle. Therefore, the development of the Serbian electric vehicles market will depend both on the growth of wages and the prices of these cars, which have been declining this year due to strong competition in the market.

The research of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) showed that in countries where the population has a higher average annual net income, the market share of electric cars is much higher.

According to the same research, electric cars will account for 21.6 percent of the number of new cars registered in the European Union but will have a market share of just 9 percent or less in more than half of the member states.

In countries where electric vehicles have a market share of less than 9 percent, such as several countries in central, eastern and southern Europe, including Greece, Italy, Poland and Croatia, the average annual net income is around 13,000 euros. Five countries in northern and western Europe, where the annual net income exceeds 32,000 euros, have the largest market share of electric vehicles.

(Bloomberg Adria, 10.11.2023)

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