Serbia’s global trade grows by 35.1% in Jan-Jun 2021 period

In the first six months of 2021, Serbia’s total global trade amounted to 27.7 billion dollars, which is an increase of 35.8 percent compared to the same period last year, the State Bureau of Statistics has said on Friday.

During the observed period, Serbia exported goods worth 12.1 billion dollars, which is 40.5 percent more compared to the first six months of 2020, while $15.6 billion worth of goods were imported, or 32.4 percent more than in the same period.

The export to import ratio was 77.6 percent and is higher than the last year’s which stood at 73.1 percent.

Serbia mainly exported to Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Hungary, while it mostly imported from Germany, China, Italy, Turkey and Hungary.

The region of Vojvodina had the largest share in Serbia’s exports (36.1 percent), and the Belgrade region in imports (46.2 percent).

According to seasonally adjusted data, both exports and imports in June increased by 2.6 percent compared to May 2021.

The Bureau also said that the industrial production in Serbia in June 2021 was 4.4 percent higher than in the same month of 2020.

(Blic, 01.08.2021)

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