Serbia’s economy the 63rd most resistant in the world

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainty to the global economy as countries fight the growing infection, implement various strategies of social distancing and early fiscal intervention to stabilize markets.

Although immediate management of the health crisis is crucial and necessary for economic stability, experts have already begun to assess what the recovery could be like once the virus is defeated and which countries will come out better.

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The insurance company FM Global has compiled the 2019 Global Resilience Index, ranking the resilience of the corporate environment in 130 countries based on factors such as political stability, corporate governance, environmental risk, supply chain logistics and transparency.

The ten countries with the biggest capacity for rapid recovery are Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Serbia is ranked 63rd among the 130 economies analysed, Croatia 37th, Slovenia 42nd and Bosnia and Herzegovina 70th.

Combining this scale with individual countries’ initial response to the virus, the BBC has identified which countries are most likely to maintain good stability and resilience during the current crisis.

(, 08.04.2020)

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