Serbian students world champions in debating

Serbian university students triumphed at the World University Debating Championship in Vietnam, clinching world titles in two out of three categories, announced the NGO Open Communication.

This marks the first occasion a single university delegation has had teams in all three finals of the world championship, and the first time students from one university have won two categories in the competition.

Lazar Popović from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON), Belgrade, and Mihailo Babić from the Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, won the world championship in the category of ‘English as a Second Language’. Đorđe Mirković, also from FON, and Miloš Prokić from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, secured the title in ‘English as a Foreign Language’.

In the open category final, Đorđe Radosavljević from the Faculty of Law, Belgrade, and Ilija Ivanišević from the Faculty of Physics competed against students from Oxford, Stanford, and the University of Sydney, ranking among the top four teams globally.

The championship featured over 700 students from 95 countries, with the next world championship set for Panama.

(Politika, 14.01.2024)

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