Serbian students win 1st place in international robotics competition EUROBOT2022

A team composed of students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN) in Novi Sad won 1st place at the international robotics competition EUROBOT2022 in France.

In addition to the Mi team, two other teams from the same faculty (+381 Robotics and Memristor) participated in this year’s competition, which was held May 25-28. The theme of EUROBOT2022 was The Age of Bot.

The robots, on a 100-second time frame, had to solve various tasks including collecting and sorting ore samples, replacing statues, and showing precise movements on the ground.

All robots were fully autonomous, equipped with minicomputers, sensors, actuators and mechanisms designed and built by the students themselves. The winning Mi team, composed of fifth- and second-year mechatronics students, defeated the Austrian team in the finals.

Preparations for the competition had begun as early as September last year, and the teams worked hard for more than six months to build their robots. Professor Mirko Raković from the Faculty of Technical Science’s Department of Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation said that this was the 20th time that students from the FTN participated in the EUROBOT competition.

(Telegraf, 30.05.2022)


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