Serbian students best in the world after beating Harvard University students at an Oxford University debate

Serbian students won a debate tournament at Oxford University, the Open Communication academic network said on Monday.

Belgrade University Law School Students Milos Marjanovic and Janko Djordjevic made history when they became the first team from a non-English speaking country to win the open category of the Oxford IV 2019 tournament. They competed against teams from the US Harvard University, the UK’s LSE University and Canada’s Hart House University.  

Marjanovic also won an award as the best speaker at this year’s debates, the press release said.  

Milos Marjanovic was named the best orator of the tournament, while Janko Djordjevic won the 6th best orator position. At this year’s World University Debate Championship, which will be held in Thailand in late December, Milos and Janko will represent the University of Belgrade.

“The Oxford IV is the largest debating competition in IONA and among the most prestigious around the world” the Oxford IV 2019 Facebook page says. More than 250 students from across the world took part in this year’s debates.

(Kurir, 11.11.2019)



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