Serbian students and their electric bicycle win first prize at the International Future Energy Challenge

The solution for an electric bicycle invented by 14 students of Belgrade University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) won the first place at the International Future Energy Challenge held in the US city of Madison, Wisconsin, ahead of other competitors from India, China, Germany, Netherlands and the United States.

The Serbian team included 14 students of Belgrade’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and was divided into three smaller groups, in charge of hardware, software and marketing. The group leader Filip Cvejić was joined by Ružica Cvetković, Lazar Nikolovski, Miodrag Joksimović, Emir Kačapor, Luka Knežević, Jovana Cakić, Miloš Jankov, Nevena Paramentić, Nikola Branković, Nevena Bugarčić, Miloš Milešević, Kristina Radović and Silvester Forgo.

Their invention can transform any bicycle into an electric one which can reach a maximum speed of 50 kilometres per hour.

“During the finals, we passed all 15 tests successfully, as the only team which did not have any negative points,” Nevena Paramentić, a member of the FEE team said.

Her colleague Miloš Milešević said the main factors that won them the competition were energy efficiency and environment protection.

He added that the device needed some time to start functioning.“It has a key which signals the device to start. You can ride such a bicycle up to 10 hours if you are not speeding,” 

The students said they didn’t know what might be the retail price for their bicycle, and announced more work on different programmes.

IFEC is a global competition held every year by the IEEE organization, which brings together teams from the most prestigious universities in the world. The students have the task of designing an electronic energy-powered device which meets high standards and can be widely used in renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, chargers, etc.

(Blic, 07.08.2019)

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