Serbian students achieve substandard results on PISA’s creative thinking tests

About 690,000 students from 81 countries/economies participated in the creative thinking tests created by the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment).

They represented approximately 29 million 15-year-old students in schools from 81 countries/economies.

The creative thinking test was conducted in 64 countries/economies.

6,413 fifteen-year-old students from 183 schools in Serbia participated in the PISA testing and solved tests in reading, mathematics, scientific literacy and creative thinking.

Of this number, 1.9 percent were elementary school students (7th and 8th grade), while 82.7 percent were first-grade high school students and 15.4 percent were second-grade high school students.

Students could achieve a maximum of 60 points on the creative thinking tests. The most successful students were from Singapore with an average score of 41 points, followed by Korea (38), Canada (38) and Australia (37), followed by the students from Estonia and Finland (36), Poland and Portugal (34).

Students from Spain and Hungary achieved 33 points, while those from France and the Netherlands 32 points.

Students from the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Albania scored the worst (between 13 and 15 points).

As for Serbia, our students got 29 out of 60 points, just like the students from Slovakia, Mexico, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates.

Our students’ creative thinking scores are in line with expectations based on their Math and reading scores.

(Danas, 20.06.2024)


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