“Serbian state is not falling apart, Serbian state does not exist”

By Mihailo Jovičević

Why did the Ombudsman send letters to six state institutions yesterday that should have taken proper care of the girl (age 8) who, according to the police investigation, had been held as a slave by her father Uroš Pašajlić from Belgrade for years? Why does the Ombudsman participate in the collective deception of citizens that the state of Serbia exists?

Because it doesn’t!  The Serbian state does not exist because it resembles not a particularly cleverly designed simulation in which various state bodies are just facades and in which some people really work, but in conditions that are not suitable for normal people and often with goals that are personal and political, rather than general. After all, here, in the vast majority of cases, the state is the source of income for the army of party activists and individuals subsidized by sinecures, and not the civil service that it should be.

The recently published article on the BIRN website which clearly shows that millions of dinars from the state budget were distributed to non-existent NGOs that are supposed to promote family values is yet another proof of this. The state stole money from my and your pockets. Flagrantly!

The fact that two of the Serbian president’s godsons – one named Petrović and the other Panić – are not being penalized for violating the Traffic Law and the Criminal Code is yet another proof (that the state of Serbia does not exist). The police, by some strange coincidence, lost their report regarding Petrović’s rampage driving during which he injured two women and crashed into their car, while Panić publicly swore at and mocked the traffic police while he was excessively speeding in his Lamborghini in the Dorćol area of Belgrade. The police impounded his car, but he was not punished.

Another proof (of the non-existence of the Serbian state) lies in the fact that it has been weeks since two public prosecutors warned about the abuse of power in the High Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade and nothing has been done. As a result, they were first re-assigned to different positions and subsequently dismissed from their jobs.  In the meantime, the State Council of Prosecutors has been reviewing the case, i.e. waiting to be told what to do (to be perfectly honest).

More proof can also be seen in the fact that we have handed over the complete negotiation process on the status of a part of the Serbian territory to one man, which is why we hardly know anything about it except that we accepted some kind of agreement. We don’t know who accepted it, under what conditions and with what powers. We are not interested, why should anybody care about that…

Finally, no one has noticed that the child from the beginning of this story had been abused. That happened only when the perpetrator’s partner filed domestic violence charges, and even then, it was treated as a secondary issue.

That is why it would not be factual to say that the state of Serbia is not functioning properly or is broken. The state of Serbia does not actually exist!

(Nova, 29.03.2023)


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