Serbian startups managed to raise EUR 325 mln in investments in two years

The report also states that there are currently more than 600 startups active in Serbia, and over eight active development centres, which employ thousands of people. The top five domestic startups that stand out are HTEC, Tenderly, Tempus Finance, Connect the Dots and Flyaway.

Most of the 24 startups that received an investment in this period are developing a SaaS (software as a service) product (78.3 percent), while the most represented are those from fintech (financial technologies), enterprise software (corporate application software), marketing and recruitment industry.

In terms of investments, VC (Venture Capital) funds dominate, with a share in the total number of investments of as much as 87.5 percent. However, in terms of the value of the investments themselves, VC funds have a share of 52.9 percent, while 38.2 percent belongs to private capital.

More than half of all recorded investments were made in the earliest stage of financing (pre-seed) and the stage of initial capital (seed), while the rest was distributed among series A, B, C and so-called megaseries.

About 82 percent of investments come from the United States of America, while the European Union is in second place with 16 percent of investments in terms of value.

(, 30.05.2023)



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