Serbian rock stars as vinyl DJs

In celebration of the Record Store Day, the famous Serbian musicians will play vinyl records and talk about their favourite music albums on Saturday, 21st April, from noon until 8 pm, in Čumić Sokače.

Branko Rosic, Igor Pervic, Dragan Gojkovic-Gile from Elektricni Orgazam, Dejan Vucetic-Vuca, LP Duo, Zikica Simic, Milos Milic, Inspektor Blaza, rapper Struka and others will play their favourite records in the city centre.

At the event, which is completely free of charge, there will also be a large outdoor record market, as well as an exhibition featuring artwork from regional artists on the topic of “Comic Books and Vinyl Records”.

Mascom and the Paralel Festival are the event’s organizers.

(Blic, 19.04.2018)


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