Serbian Progressive Party paid people to attend its rally at Belgrade’s Arena

On Saturday, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) celebrated two important events – in the morning, the party held its assembly meeting at which the new leadership was elected, and in the evening, there was a solemn rally to mark the 13th anniversary of the party’s inception.

The SNS prepared well, not only by organizing the arrival and providing transportation for thousands of sympathisers and members from all over Serbia, but also by hiring people to fill up seats at the Belgrade Stark Arena.

Some 25,000 people were present at the ceremony last night at the Stark Arena, which was filled to the brim, as Aleksandar Vučić himself acknowledged at the beginning of his speech. Moreover, according to media reports, there were still a few thousand citizens in front of the Arena, who were able to follow the entire ceremony on large screens.

Text messages from SNS members appeared on social media, looking for people to fill up sits at Stark Arena. The compensation the SNS offered to everybody willing to be seat fillers was 2,000 dinars per person.

Pictures of the event show that almost none of the people present at the rally wore a face mask, or those who did wear it, did so inappropriately. The relevant law clearly states that it is mandatory to wear a face mask indoors at large gatherings, especially now when members of the government’s Crisis Response Team are calling for stricter measures and almost 50 people die every day from the coronavirus.

(Nova, 28.11.2021)

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