Serbian President officially opens Clinical Centre of Serbia’s renovated wing

As of yesterday, the newly renovated part of the Clinical Centre of Serbia (KCS) has an emergency garage with a helipad, which will speed up the reception of patients that are gravely ill.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic officially opened the renovated KCS wing and said that in the future, doctors will receive patients, and not medical technicians, as has been the practice so far.

The KCS treats about a million patients every year, with every third patient being from outside Belgrade.

The renovated wing spans 86,000 square metres, it can take up to 800 patients and has 825 hospital beds.

The director of the University Clinical Center of Serbia, Milika Ahanin, said the KCS is now one of the largest and most modern hospitals not only in the region but in Europe too.

The new wing has 34 operating rooms, eight angio-rooms, three magnetic resonance imaging rooms, six scanners, 12 X-ray cabinets, and new robotic technology.

The entire emergency centre, clinics for haematology, gastroenterology, cardiology, thoracic surgery, endocrinology, the fertility department, as well as the transplantation centre will move to the new building.

(BizLife, 27.02.2022)




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