Serbian postal workers on strike

The employees of Pošte Srbije (Serbian Post Office) are on strike.

Although the trade unions say that they did not encourage the strike in this public enterprise, the main postal centre in Zemun has been shut down. Postmen are also not working, while the courier service Post Express also refuses to work. The employees that work at post office counters are also expected to join in the strike.

“Postal workers have blocked the main postal distribution centre on Monday evening, and many post office counters in Belgrade were closed on Tuesday. The same goes for Kikinda, Zrenjanin and many other cities in Serbia,” says Zoran Pavlovic, president of the Independent Union of Postal Workers.

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Pavlovic denies that the trade union is behind the strike, even though it supports all their demands. Employees are, first and foremost, dissatisfied with their salaries, which average 37,000 dinars.

“Of the 15,000 workers, 11,000 receive between 32,000 and 39,000 dinars every month. These are postmen, counter workers, couriers, drivers and freight forwarders. Many people have resigned and many are on sick leave. That’s why there are no staff in the post offices in Vojvodina today,” Pavlovic adds.

The postal workers, in addition to the increase in wages, want the government to replace the members of the current Supervisory Board of the Serbian Post Offices.

The last protest of postal workers took place in March of this year. The strike ended when workers’ representatives talked to the Serbian government officials. This time around, the protesters say that the government did not fulfill their demands, namely to find a solution to their wage problem by 30th November, hence the strike.

(Vecernje Novosti, 03.12.2019)


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