Serbian Post Office director:”All of the strikers’ requests are now met”

The Acting Director of the Serbian Post Office, Zoran Đorđević, said yesterday that the company has agreed to fulfil all the demands of the workers who went on strike a week ago and that they are expected to return to their jobs by Friday.

“We have reached a solution and we will fulfil all their requests,” said Đorđević at the press conference.

As he explained, the monetary compensation that the Serbian Post Office will be in line with the workers’ demands, with postmen and courier service staff getting ten dinars per delivered package and ten dinars per collected package respectively.

Also, salaries of staff working at post office counters, online customer service staff, logistics workers and drivers will increase too. Overtime work will be paid also -20% of the value of the parcel weight. Plus, workers will be compensated for exceeding monthly productivity goals.

Đorđević also promised that strikers would not be penalized or discriminated against in any shape or form when they return to work.

He noted that the Serbian Post Office ended the first three quarters of this year with a net profit of 28.9 million euros and numerous novelties for post service users such as e-wallet, e-archive and other online services.

(, 07.11.2023)

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