Serbian population is getting older; average age rises to 43.3 years

“The average age of the Serbian population is increasing and today, it stands at 43.3 years of age while in 1999 it was 39.6 years”, said the Minister in charge of demography and demographic policy, Slavica Đukić Dejanović, adding that in some parts in the country the average age is up to 50 years.

“Serbia has fewer than seven million inhabitants, but the good news is that the state’s measures are still showing results, so much so that 424 more babies were born last year than in the previous year. The number of families with three and four children is on the rise and this is thanks to the financial support given to families with several children ”, underlined the Minister.

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While answering a journalist’s question whether additional measures, such as the allocation of apartments to young married couples, would improve the birth rate, Djukic Dejanovic underlined that the 2025 National Investment Plan stipulates a sum of 500 million euro for real estate construction and mortgages to be given to young couples.

She also assessed that the coronavirus situation could have a negative impact on population demographics.

(Nova, 13.09.2020)

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