Serbian PM Ana Brnabic banned from entering Kosovo

As of today, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic is yet another Serbian official that was blacklisted by Kosovo authorities and banned from entering Kosovo.

The news was published on the Twitter profile of Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli who took offence to Brnabic’s alleged statement that the Kosovo Albanians are “people from the woods”.  As he said, the ban will last “as long as she follows the racist and sick ideology against the Kosovo population and the nationalities living there.”

“It institutionalizes racism in Serbia, promoted by the government of Ana Brnabićc which originates from the ultra-nationalist ideology of sick people,” said he. 

However, at yesterday’s press conference, the Serbian prime minister did not talk about the Albanians in general, but about “people who represent Pristina (authorities)”, i.e. “the terrorists among them who were on trial in The Hague, but have never been convicted only because all witnesses against them got killed.”

The media report that Brnabic actually said that “Haradinaj, Thaci and Veseli are competing to see who the biggest nationalist and chauvinist is” and added: “What scares me most is that we are dealing with irrational people, the worst kind of populist, people who literally walked out of the woods.”

Prime Minister Brnabic responded to Pacolli saying that she would be allowed to go to Kosovo when she wants. She said she is not especially concerned by what he said, repeating her words that the political leaders of the Kosovo Albanians walked out of the woods. “They were in the woods in uniform and came out and became the political elite in Pristina. Pacolli did not come out of the woods and I am surprised that he found himself in my statement,” she said.

(N1, 30.05.2019)

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