Serbian physics students win big at the World Physics Championship in Prague

The 18th Physics Competition, the largest team physics competition in the world, was held in Prague from February 12th to 18th, 2024.  

About 1,200 students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also Brazil, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Nepal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain took part in the competition.

The Serbian team, made of the students of the Mathematical Grammar School from Belgrade Vuk Dimitrijević, Janko Popović, Ognjen Janković, Mihailo Radovanović and Vukašin Ostojić, achieved a great result, winning 1st place in the category of third graders, as well as fifth place in the overall ranking.

(Dnevnik, 23.02.2024)

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