Serbian passport ranked 31st in the world

Serbia ranks 31st in the list of countries according to travel freedom, which is a jump of seven places relative to 2017 when Serbia was 38th in the world.

According to the 2018 Global Passport Index, Serbia was placed 31st because its citizens do not a visa for or are immediately given one upon entry to 126 countries.

Holders of Serbian passport can travel visa-free to 83 countries, while 43 countries issue visas immediately upon entry. Also, they need a visa to enter 72 countries.  

The most valuable passport in the world is the one issued by the United Arab Emirates, whose citizens can enter 167 countries visa-free, while the second place is shared by Germany and Singapore (166 countries).

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Among the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia is the best ranked (7th place) and the holders of the Slovenian passport can enter 161 countries visa-free. Croatia takes the 11th place, while Macedonia and Montenegro are placed 36th and 37th. Bosnia and Herzegovina is 40th.

 Of all the citizens of the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo ones are placed the worst – at the 81st place.

Afghani passport (visa-free travel to only 29 countries), as well as Iraqi, Pakistani, Syrian and Somali passports, are at the bottom of the list. 

(, 05.12.2018)




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