Serbian passport is the 70th most valuable in the world

According to the Nomad Capitalist website, the Serbian passport is the 70th most valuable passport in the world, with Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia ahead of Serbia in the region.

Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Albania are below Serbia on the list.

The new report shows which passport gives the most travel freedom, i.e. which passport holders require no visa when travelling.

The European country of Luxembourg tops the list, followed by Sweden. The US passport shares 7th place with four other countries. Americans don’t need visas to enter a total of 187 countries while Russian citizens don’t need visas for 118 countries (Russia ranks 48th on the list).

The Afghan passport is at the bottom of the list with the Afghani citizens being allowed only into 26 countries without a visa.

Japan ranks 22nd this year and the country has been steadily advancing on the list every year. Today, Japanese citizens don’t need visas for a total of 193 countries.

Singapore also ranks high, in 10th place this year, while Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been at the bottom of the list for years now.

(Blic, 29.03.2022)


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