Serbian passport 41st most powerful passport in the world – Japan and Singapore’s passports No 1

According to the latest research by Henley & Partners, Japan and Singapore have the most powerful passports, as the two Asian countries have topped the list due to their citizens allowed to visa-free to 189 countries.

In terms of our region, Slovenia occupies the 10th place, Croatia 20th, Serbia 41st, North Macedonia 46th, Montenegro 47th, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 51st place.

South Korea fell from the No 1 spot to the No 2 spot which it shares with Finland and Germany. The holders of these three countries passports can travel visa-free to 187 countries around the world.

Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg share the third place (visa-free travel to 186 countries), followed by France, Spain and Sweden with 185.

Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland share the fifth place, while the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland and Norway all occupy the 6th place.

The United Arab Emirates’ passport made the biggest progress on the list and entered the first 20 countries. The UAE passport shares the 20th place with San Marino and Croatia, with the latter being the lowest-ranked EU member.

Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are at the bottom of the list, with the holders of these passports allowed to travel visa-free to only 25 countries.

The Henley & Partners’ survey is based on the data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

(Vecernje Novosti, 04.07.2019)




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