Serbian Parliament to be constituted on Feb 6 – opposition preparing obstruction

Parliament Speaker Vladimir Orlic convened the first session of the Serbian Parliament for Tuesday, 6 February 2024, according to a press release issued by the Serbian Parliament.

The agenda set for the first meeting includes the verification of the MPs’ terms of office, the election of the parliament speaker and deputy speakers, the appointment of the parliament’s Secretary General, the election of members of the parliament’s working bodies, the election of members of the standing parliamentary delegations to international institutions.

The session is scheduled to begin at 10 am.

The opposition’s Serbia against Violence coalition has requested that the Serbian Parliament constitutive session be held after February 8, when members of the European Parliament are to discuss the Serbian December 17 elections and adopt a Resolution on Serbia.

The public has been discussing for days that the opposition could obstruct the Parliament’s work. The coalition partners that make Serbia Against Violence are still discussing how this could be done, with several options in circulation.

Representatives of the opposition parties will have a series of meetings in the coming days to coordinate their work before the constituent session of the Serbian Parliament. “There are several scenarios in circulation and how we will act in the parliament will depend on the agreement between the entire coalition. What is certain is that some kind of obstruction will be organized,” a source says.

One of the Serbia Against Violence leaders confirmed that the coalition’s MPs will be at the session.

“On February 6, our MPs will be in the Serbian Parliament. It will not be a classic attendance at the session, but a demonstration of disagreement with the Parliament’s constitution following an election fraud. We agreed not to participate in consultations regarding the appointment of parliamentary officials and bodies. We requested that the session be scheduled for after February 9, when the resolution of the European Parliament is expected to be made, but our request was denied,” he said.

(, 31.01.2024)

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