Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabić lends her support to lithium mining

The Speaker of the Serbian Assembly and former Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, said that she supported lithium mining in Serbia, adding that she believed that it would be wrong to give up such an opportunity.

She also noted that she was not the one to decide whether people in Serbia should vote on the issue in a referendum.

„Lithium is important for Europe, and the only significant lithium deposit on the European continent is in Serbia. If the people of Serbia decide to support lithium mining, regarding which I did not hide my belief that it is good and that it is the oil of the 21st century, it would be abnormal and unwise to give it up. Norway was one of the poorest countries, but it extracted oil from the sea“, Ana Brnabić said.

She also noted that everyone who was worried about the consequences of such a project should know that the European Union (EU) has the best environmental protection standards and would take appropriate care that the project was implemented in line with the best EU standards.

During his visit to Serbia, Tilman Kuban, a member of the German Bundestag Committee on European Union Affairs and the CDU/CSU parliamentary group rapporteur for Serbia, commented on the controversial lithium mining and said: “First of all I can totally understand that, from the Serbian point of view, everything needs to be checked properly, but in the end, I see that this as a huge opportunity, a big chance for Serbia to send a message to Europe that we can count on you and that you don’t want to cause problems, but rather that you want to solve problems. This is the key message in this project and we would be very happy if you could cooperate with German companies investing over here, not only in terms of them using your raw materials but also producing lithium batteries”.

(Politika, NIN, 23.06.2024)

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