Serbian Parliament adopts the report on the dialogue with Kosovo

Today in the early hours of the morning, the Serbian Parliament adopted the report on the dialogue with Kosovo.

205 MPs voted in favour of adopting the document titled ‘Report on the Negotiation with the Temporary Self-Government Institutions in Pristina’, while 57 voted against.

The report consists of 50 pages and lists ‘activities relating to the preparation and implementation of negotiations’, from the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities, the police, the judiciary, energy, the dialogue of chambers of commerce and transport of dangerous goods, to the missing persons, which was the last chapter.

The parliamentary session lasted two days and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, repeated several times during his presentation that Serbia would not recognise the independence of its former province.

Vučić also said that a realistic solution should be offered regarding Kosovo and that real politics cannot be based on myths. Responding to a question of an MP about his solution for Kosovo, Vučić said that he views the issue realistically because the political situation has changed over the past 28 years, “not only by our will but also by the will of the great powers”.

The largest opposition party, the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), did not vote in favour of the adoption of the report. As the senior official of that party, Borko Stefanović, explained to journalists, such a decision was made because the report is a retreat under pressure and contains no actual proposals for a solution to the Kosovo problem.

(Radio Free Europe, 15.09.2022)

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