Serbian Parliament adopts new budget and COVID law

The Serbian parliament adopted an amended 2020 budget on Thursday which officials said includes all capital investments and support for the health care system, and the amendments to the Law on Preventing Contagious Diseases.

Under the amended budget, revenues will total 1,291.4 billion Dinars and expenditures of 1,774.4 billion. The budget deficit will stand at 483 billion Dinars or 8.75 per cent with a negative growth rate of one per cent.  

The new budget was adopted with a vote of 207 to four and takes effect with the publication of the law on the budget in the Official Gazette. 

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The revised Law on Preventing Contagious Diseases allows the communal police and inspectors to sanction a person not wearing a face mask or disrespecting the physical distance in the open or indoors with 5,000 Dinars fine.

Companies and other legal entities will have to pay fine from 50,000 to 300,000 Dinars, depending on what provision they violate.

Self-isolation is also defined as a measure for people requiring treatment at home. It restricts the freedom of movement of patients with infectious diseases without symptoms and patients who don’t require treatment in hospital.

The Law says that in the event of an epidemic of a contagious disease a health minister may determine, in line with the World Health Organisation rules, the recommended or mandatory emergency immunisation of the entire population, or of specific groups if there is a danger of transmission. 

A group of people gathered outside the Parliament building during the session protesting against the Law. 

They say that wearing masks and limits on gathering violated their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights.

(Nova, 12.11.2020)




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