Serbian Parliament adopts a proposal for Constitutional changes

The Serbian Parliament gave the green light on Monday to the proposal for changes to the country’s Constitution as proposed by the Government.

Addressing the MPs, Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, said that the rule of law was extremely important and that she was determined to carry out the changes to the Constitution to enable the independent, responsible and more efficient judiciary.

„We must strengthen the rule of law in Serbia, which will then lead to higher salaries and pensions. Progress in the rule of law should convince people that they are equal before the law, that justice is both fast and achievable, that the judiciary is independent, accountable and much more efficient,“ she told the Parliament.

The changes will not relate to the Constitution’s preamble, stipulating that Kosovo is a part of Serbia, meaning official Belgrade will not recognise Kosovo’s independence.

Sofija Mandic of the Center for Judicial Investigations said that the Parliament’s debate was about everything but about the essential issues that forced Serbia to change the Constitution.

“The Government’s decree says the Constitution must change due to a danger that the current provisions, in existence since 2006, will enable political parties to take the control over the judiciary and they indeed seriously jeopardise the independence of the judiciary,” she warned.

(N1, 07.06.2021)

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