Serbian opposition bloc files charges against Interior Minister for forging his diploma

The opposition Alliance for Serbia (SzS) has confirmed it filed criminal charges against Serbia’s Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic for allegedly forging his university diploma.

The Alliance added the charges were also filed against the private faculty Megatrend and that both Megatrend and Stefanovic had been reported to the Education Inspection.

Bosko Obradovic, an SzS leader, told at a news conference that neither the respective institutions nor Stefanovic reacted because, as he said, they took time “to fix the documents” to prove the validity of the “non-existing” diploma.

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The Alliance also claims that Stefanovic committed a crime when asked Megatrend to nostrificate his diploma he said he got in Great Britain from a school which, according to SzS, did not exist.

“Fifteen years ago, Stefanovic asked Megatrend to nostrificate his diploma which he obtained from ‘Megatrend International Expert Consortium Ltd’ which allegedly operates under the UK education system. This company has never been registered for educational activities in the UK,” Dragan Djilas, also an SzS leader, told reporters.

He added that “by doing that, Stefanovic committed the crime of forging documents.” “If he did graduate from that school, he should show his student visa or prove in some other way which exams he passed and the names of his professors,” Djilas added.

Five years ago, Stefanovic’s doctorate, obtained from the Megatrend faculty, was suspected of plagiarism, but an independent commission found that, despite some minor errors, there was no reason to strip him of his PhD title.

Later on Monday, Stefanovic dismissed the SzS allegations describing them as “flagrant lies” and fabrications used to divert public attention from severe corruption cases in which Djilas was involved, according to Stefanovic.

Stefanovic also said he did not attend a school in London but in Serbia.

(N1, 08.07.2019)




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