Serbian MPs to get a salary raise

The 2021 budget proposal stipulates that Serbian MPs will get higher salaries next year. Their salaries are already going to be 3.5% higher in 2020, while another increase of 5% is expected in March 2021.

In addition to the higher salaries, MPs have received 58.5 million dinars more for travel expenses.

The Parliament will receive 705,115,000 dinars from the 2021 state budget, while following the 2020 budget review, the Parliament got 63 million dinars less, i.e. 642,031,000 dinars. The increase will mainly go to salaries – instead of 303,639,000 dinars, MPs will get 321,561,000 dinars or 17,922,000 dinars more.

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Social security contributions have also been increased by 4,084,000 dinars, and the new budget also includes more money for bonuses, i.e. 7,301,000 dinars. The MPs will receive more money for travel expenses too. Following the 2020 budget review, this amount was 106,564,000 dinars, while the proposal for 2021 stipulates 165,041,000 or 58,477,000 dinars more.

Srdjan Smiljanic, Deputy Secretary-General of the Assembly, states that the salary base for parliamentarians will be increased as of March 2021.

“The Assembly has not asked for additional funds, but the bill on amendments to the Budget System Act provides for an increase in salaries by 3.5% in December 2020 and 5% as of March 2021”, says Smiljanic.

The average salary of a member of the Serbian Parliament is about 100,000 dinars.

(Kurir, 02.12.2020)



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