Serbian, Italian and Albanian foreign ministers meet in Belgrade

The third meeting of the Serbian, Italian and Albanian foreign ministers, Ivica Dacic, Angelino Alfano and Ditmir Bushati respectively, was held in Belgrade today.

The Albanian Minister for European and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, expressed Albania’s firm support for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia with the intermediation of the EU, as the necessary instrument to reach joint solutions for a series of important matters that would help ease the life of citizens in both countries.

“This is the best investment offering real opportunities for final reconciliation and for continuing the European path”, Minister Bushati declared.

He asked the Serbian side to show real political commitment for matters that create obstacles and limitations in the energy market and for Kosovo’s inclusion in international and regional organizations.

Minister Bushati underlined the special interest of the Albanian government for the Presheva Valley Albanians, asking for more inclusion in the social and economic life of Serbia, and for guaranteeing their basic human rights.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says Pristina officials must get used to the fact there are countries that think recognizing Kosovo is wrong.

He called on the authorities in Pristina, but also on all regional countries, to show restraint when it comes to those issues on which they disagree with Belgrade.

Speaking during a joint news conference in Belgrade with Albanian and Italian foreign ministers, Ditmir Bushati and Angelino Alfano, Dacic said that “everyone should be doing their job,” and added that he was convinced “the process with Kosovo” was not over. 

Reacting to Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli, who said Dacic has a budget of USD 300 million at his disposal, and is “offering arms lobbying against Kosovo’s independence,” the minister said he “wished this was true,” and then added, speaking ironically, “Yes, we’re offering atomic bombs.” 

Asked to comment on Albanian PM Edi Rama’s statement that Kosovo and Albania should have one president, Dacic said he was unable to act as “interpreter of thoughts” of other politicians. 

“We know what we don’t agree on – we don’t agree on Kosovo,” he said, and added that Serbia could also be making such statements – “for example, that Serbia and the RS (Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina) should have one president.”

The trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of Serbia, Albania and Italy was held for the third time — the first was in 2015 in Rome, and the second in Tirana in 2016.

This time, it focused on ways to cooperate in prospects of the two Western Balkan countries to become members of the European Union.

The three foreign ministers also talked about the upcoming Western Balkans summit in London, within the so-called Berlin process.

Italian Foreign Minister, Angelino Alfano said that the trilateral meeting will prove to be of key importance for strengthening of dialogues among the three countries, and suggested that business people and the NGO sector should get involved in order to advance this political process.

“We support the integration of Serbia and Albania in the European Union,” Alfano said.

(Top Channel, B92, Xinhuanet, 27.02.2018)



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