Serbian innovator comes up with a digital solution for finding lost pets

The online service, based on the NFC technology, helps to easily and quickly find your lost pets with the help of NFC pendants that, backed by the web service, send all the information about the pet’s location to the pet’s owner.

Goran Zivkovic, who developed, told Netokracija that in case the pet gets lost, the person who finds it will not have to take it to the vet to read the data from the chip implanted in the pet’s ear, but can do so immediately, on the spot, by using a mobile phone and the NFC reader.

Zivkovic says that the tool is based on a web platform, so its use does not require an application for pet owners who purchase the product (pendant) or the person who finds the pet.

“To read the information generated by the pendant, all you need to do is activate the Internet connection and the NFC function,“ he adds.

By putting their phone close to the pendant, the finder swiftly obtains the following information – the name of the pet; a picture of a pet; owner’s name; owner’s phone number and the owner’s address located on Google Maps that shows the shortest route to the owner’s place of residence from the current location.

(Nova Ekonomija, 10.02.2022)



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