Serbian healthcare sector: Novelties in 2017

This year, many patients in Serbia will have a much quicker access to the needed therapy and, in most cases, waiting lists will be shortened. This is what the most renowned Serbian doctors have said about the developments in 2017 in their respective medical fields.

Mima Fazlagić, gynecologist

DNA diagnostics 

According to Dr Mima Fazlagić, a gynecologist from the Narodni Front Maternity Hospital, medical progress is closely tied to technological progress, and one of the novelties in her medical field is DNA analysis.

“This year, we are going to further improve the method of sequencing baby’s blood from mother’s DNA. Today, this diagnostic method is used to detect several genetic abnormalities and syndromes, and I believe that, next year, we will be able to read baby’s entire genome from mother’s blood. Another development will be improving IVF and pre-implantation diagnosis. However, prevention of miscarriage and premature birth will unfortunately remain an unresolved issue that will continue to concern gynecologists”, Dr Fazlagić says.

Radan Džodić, Director of Oncology Institute

New cancer medication

Director of the Serbian Radiology and Oncology Institute, Professor Dr Radan Džodić says that many novelties will be revealed in 2017.

“The latest radio therapy equipment will result in shorter waiting lists, and we are going to have new and innovative cancer medication available. I do hope that, in 2017, we are going to get four new accelerators that will become operational in January. As far as surgery goes, we are closely following the latest surgical techniques and keeping up with the rest of the world. Also, we are going to continue with genetic research”, Dr Džodić explains.

Dragan Savić, neurosurgeon

Patient as an assistant

According to Dr Dragan Savić, brain tumor operations on patients that are not sedated could be carried out in Serbia this year.

“This means that patients will be awake while we operate on them. During operation, they can talk to us to let us know how they feel. If their speech becomes slurred, it means that we are close to damaging the part of the brain that is responsible for speech and that’s the signal that we should stop. Also, patients are instructed to raise their hand or a leg, if they can. If they fail to do that, again that is the signal that we should stop what we are doing”, Dr Savić says.

Zoran Radojičić, Director of the Children Hospital in Tiršova Street

Organ transplant

In 2017, in collaboration with our colleagues from France, the University Children Hospital will perform the first ever liver transplant in children – says Dr Zoran Radojčić, pediatric surgeon and Director of the University Children Hospital in the Tiršova Street in Belgrade.

“We have been developing the programme of transplanting liver in children from live donors for years now and we expect to accomplish first, tangible results in 2017, thanks to the great effort invested by our hospital’s transplantation team”, Dr Radojičić says.

(eKapija, 08.01.2017)

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