Serbian government to invest EUR 100mn in development of artificial intelligence

The Serbian government plans to invest EUR 100 million in the development of artificial intelligence in the next two years.

The strategic framework for that endeavour, according to the NALED, is supposed to be provided by the new Strategy of Development of Artificial Intelligence until 2030, which will be one of the priorities of the new government, along with the accompanying action plan. The aim is for Serbia to place itself among the leaders in the region in this field, it was said at the session of the NALED’s E-Government Alliance.

Stefan Badza, the leader of the special projects team at the prime minister’s cabinet, says that they will focus on the new strategy in order to secure more flexible regulations and enable facilities for companies which want to implement innovations. He reminded that, in 2023, the issue of legislation activities in this field had been raised and the Ethical Guidelines for the development of AI had been adopted in cooperation with the NALED.

“This year, we will start working on drafting the law, following the activities of the EU, that is, the adoption of the AI Regulation, which is expected in April. By 2026, the plan is to invest EUR 30 million in another supercomputer, which will be free for researchers and startups, EUR 20 million in software for the public sector, primarily in healthcare, energy and transport, as well as EUR 30 million for incentives for the development of artificial intelligence,”  Badza said.

The first strategy for the development of AI in Serbia was adopted in 2019, making the country the first in Southeast Europe and 26th in the world to have such a document.

In 2022, Serbia became part of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence and it is one of the rare members from the group of developing countries. Also, in 2023, it became a member of the AI Governance Alliance of the World Economic Forum. According to the AI Readiness Index 2023, Serbia placed 57th among 193 countries, as the leader in the region, ahead of Croatia (70th), Montenegro (78th), North Macedonia (83rd), Albania (89th) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (117th).

(NIN, 23.02.2024)

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