Serbian government to donate EUR 1mln towards restoration of Notre-Dame

The Serbian government sent today financial assistance to the Republic of France in the amount of EUR 1 million for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, which was badly damaged in the catastrophic fire on April 15th.

The donation, equivalent to $1.1 million, “confirms our century-old friendship with the French people”, the Serbian government said in a statement.

Belgrade hopes “this symbol of French civilization and the world will be rebuilt as quickly as possible.”

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said that the Paris cathedral was part of the French, European and world cultural heritage and that our country wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of the famous building.

“Serbia is a small country, but we want to contribute to the reconstruction of this famous cathedral. Our two countries have been fostering a strong friendship, and therefore we want to participate in the reconstruction of this symbol of Paris, although we know that a lot of money for the reconstruction had already been collected,” Mali said.

He added that the citizens of Serbia were very saddened by the destruction of the famous Parisian cathedral.

“The Serbian people understand the importance of historical sanctuaries, hence our desire to help and allocate certain funds which we have in our state budget thanks to good economic results,” Mali concluded.

(Mondo, 22.04.2019)

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