Serbian government to borrow EUR 200 mln to build BIO4 campus

The Serbian Government has adopted a decree confirming the framework loan agreement between the Council of Europe Development Bank and the Republic of Serbia for the construction of the BIO4 Campus in Belgrade.

The estimated total costs of the project are 413.5 million euros, with the government planning to take out a 200-million-euro loan.

The BIO4 Campus will consist of eight segments:

  • Faculty of Biology (22,769 m2, 24.3 m in height),
  • Institute Complex – Unit 1 (29,763 m2, 22.3 m and 30.3 m in height),
  • Institute Complex – Unit 2 (19,522 m2, 22.3 m and 30.3 m in height),
  • Vivarium (5,453 m2, 10.3 m in height),
  • Science-Technology Park and Idea Center (25,836 m2, 24.3 m and 30.3 m in height),
  • Central BIO4 Campus User Meeting Place – Minglarium (20,916 m2, 35.5 m and 43.5 m in height),
  • Specialized equipment

The total construction area of 159,974 m2 includes 34,392 m2 of an underground garage, an additional 7,172 m2 is meant for an aboveground parking lot and roads, and the development area, including green buildings and roofs, is estimated at 31,772 m2.

The works entail the construction and equipping of the BIO4 Campus Belgrade, an all-encompassing research and development complex dedicated to biosciences (BIO4 is short for biomedicine, bioinformatics, biotechnology and biodiversity), i.e. the construction and acquisition of the standard equipment for seven construction blocks (components), as well as specialized research equipment.

The final date of the availability of the loan funds is December 31, 2027, and the project implementation period is envisaged between 2023 and 2026. The loan is to be realized in at least two tranches.

Representatives of the Serbian Government, Pfizer Serbia and AstraZeneca recently signed Memorandums of Understanding as a confirmation of the partnership on the implementation of the BIO4 Campus project.

(eKapija, 03.10.2023)

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