Serbian government sets first rules for self-driving cars

The Ministry of Interior has adopted the rulebook on the requirements for using autonomous or self-driving cars, which prescribes in detail the conditions under which autonomous driving and the procedure of issuing the permit for the testing of self-driving vehicles can be carried out.

The testing of a self-driving vehicle can be done by a legal person with a seat in Serbia, based on the permit, which is issued by the Ministry of Interior’s department in charge of the territory in which the testing will be carried out.

The permit can be issued for one or more self-driving vehicles, of the L7 type, with a factory-closed car body, M1 or N1, up to level 4 of driving automation, for a maximum period of one year.

Depending on the special features of each individual request, all-day testing or testing for a shorter period of time can be allowed, or the maximum duration of each individual ride can be determined.

Among other things, the rulebook prescribes that, if, for example, a level 3 vehicle or a vehicle of a lower level is tested, a driver must be in the driver’s seat, and if a level 4 vehicle is tested, a driver needs to sit in the driver’s or passenger’s seat next to it for the duration of the testing, ready to take control of the vehicle at any moment. The driver has to be positioned so that their arms, legs and body are never in a position where they could lose control of the vehicle.

The driver’s duty, according to the rulebook, is to oversee the ride on the road and the automated driving system, whereby they have to be ready to take control of the vehicle in all cases where road traffic safety might be jeopardized.

Back in August, Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, said that the ICT sector was the driving force behind Serbia’s development and that her government would focus on five areas to achieve this – self-driving vehicles, the BIO4 campus, investments in science and technology parks, further investments in Kragujevac data centre and development of artificial intelligence.

“Our goal is to have the Level 5 and fully autonomous vehicles by 2027 so that all vehicles to be used for EXPO 2027 can be self-driving electric vehicles. For that reason, we have submitted a bill to amend the traffic safety law so that we can issue the Level 4 licence by the year-end,” Brnabic said at the time.

(B92, 27.11.2023)

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