Serbian government pays 190,000 euro for its website

Designing the new official website of the Serbian government cost a total of 22,381,200 dinars, which is just under 190,000 euros. The Effecta Solutions Company was given the job as the only bidder participating in the tender launched by the Government’s Office for Information Technologies and Electronic Administration.

“The new web portal of the Government of the Republic of Serbia was created not only because of the need to innovate the existing and outdated design and functionality but above all, as a result of the changed concept relating to how the government approaches the citizens. Thanks to the CRM system, citizens can ask now questions via the website and get the answers from the relevant institutions. This is an important mechanism in the process of transformation of the state administration into the service of citizens. The services for citizens and businesses now take the central place on our website”, the Government has said.

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According to the Government, one of the key features of the site is the ability to read the content in Serbian using the text-to-speech software. The software was developed by local experts from AlfaNum from Novi Sad and Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. The web portal of the Government of Serbia, according to the report, is the first government portal in the region that is adapted to the blind and the visually impaired persons.

The relevant tender for procurement of web design services was launched by the Office of Information Technologies and Electronic Administration on April 23rd, 2018, and included the development of the government website and the CRM system for the entire Government and three additional sites.

“The new website is not only a place for representation of the Government and ministries, but also for the promotion of Serbia – its potential, business climate, tourist destinations, and cultural attractions. The website also contains an audio and video archive and electronic documents from government sessions since 2004, as well as an archive of all government websites since 1998”, the Government adds in its press release.

(Danas, 12.11.2018)


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