Serbian government looking for financial adviser to help with sale of Komercijalna Banka

The Government of Serbia has launched a public call for the selection of financial advisor that would advise the government in the sale of Komercijalna Banka.

The Ministry of Finance has invited leading international companies to submit a Statement of Interest for the provision of financial advisory services for the preparation and implementation of a plan for the sale of the government’s share in Komercijalna Banka a.d. Belgrade.

The deadline for submitting the Statement of Interest is November 12th, at 15.30 CET. Interested firms should have significant experience in privatizing banks and a team of experienced professionals, while several advisory companies can submit their Statement of Interest as a consortium.

Komercijalna Banka currently has 16,817,956 ordinary shares owned by 1,176 shareholders and 373,510 preference shares owned by 644 shareholders. The ordinary shares and preferential shares of Komercijalna Banka are listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

The share that will be offered for sale represents the entire state’s share. Also, other shareholders wishing to sell their share in the bank could team up with the government.

The market share of Komercijalna Banka in the banking sector of Serbia on March 31st, 2018 was 10.83 per cent, in terms of the size of the bank’s assets. The bank’s share in the total deposits of the banking sector amounts to 12.18%, and in the total capital 9.56%.

The Komercijalna banka Group consists of: Komercijalna Banka ad. Belgrade, Komercijalna Banka ad. Budva, Komercijalna banka ad. Banja Luka and KomBank Invest ad Belgrade.

Consolidated financial data of the Komercijalna Banka Group as on June 30th, 2018 is the following: total assets EUR 3,534,611,000 (EUR 3.53 billion), total deposits EUR 2,858,443,000, profit EUR 32,065,000, total capital EUR 567,431,000, and off-balance sheet items EUR 4,258,129,000..

The Bank has a network of 204 branches throughout the territory of Serbia. The Bank’s head office is in Belgrade.

On June 30th, 2018, Komercijalna Banka had 2,809 employees.

(B92, 15.10.2018)

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