Serbian government forms six companies for EXPO 2027

The Serbian government has established six more companies to build accommodation facilities for EXPO 2027 participants and visitors.

The specialised expo will be hosted by Belgrade.

The companies, to be managed by the Serbian Construction Directorate, will be funded from the Serbian budget, loans and own operating revenues, as well as from other sources pursuant to the law, according to the latest issue of the Official Gazette.

The founder and sole proprietor of the companies – SPV Galovica 1, SPV Galovica 2, SPV Galovica 3, SPV Petrac 1, SPV Petrac 2 and SPV Petrac 3 – is the Republic of Serbia, with the Government of Serbia to exercise the founding rights.

All the companies also got founding capital of RSD 100,000 each, and as said, will be financed from the state budget, loans, the operating income and other sources in line with the relevant regulations. law.

Once residential facilities in the EXPO complex are built, these companies will cease to exist and all the rights and obligations will be transferred to the Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia.

(Euronews, 17.01.2024)

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