Serbian government forms a brain drain prevention team

Serbian Minister of Labour, Zoran Djordjevic announced that the government would form a brain drain prevention team in early January 2019, consisting of prominent people who will help the government to deal with brain drain by proposing measures for keeping the young people from leaving the country, but also for bringing back those who had left – Tanjug reports.

The minister also commented on the new German law on immigration, which will facilitate the employment of citizens from other countries, including those outside the EU, which, among other things, creates an opportunity for a considerable number of Serbian citizens to work in Germany.

“The plan is to form a team consisting of the most competent people to deal with the brain drain issue. The team will be formed within the Labour Deparment on January 1st, 2019, and comprise of the people from the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, faculties, universities, NGOs, NALED, trade unions, the Serbian Association of Employers, etc., who will help the government to define certain measures and find a way to adapt to the new conditions in the labour market”, Djordjevic said.

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Djordjevic went on to say that he didn’t have precise data on how many people had left for Germany to work, as many left without being registered and fewer found work through employment agencies.

The German law on the immigration of workforce from other countries, including those outside the EU, will come into effect on January 1st, 2020. The Association of Independent and Free Trade Unions of Serbia estimates that Serbia could lose up to 200,000 workers, mostly medical doctors, medical technicians, professional drivers and craftsmen of all profiles as a result of this law coming into force.

(, 27.12.2018)


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