Serbian government denies information stated in Pentagon’s report

Serbian Defence Minister Miloš Vučević told Sputnik News that a Reuters report that Serbia agreed to provide arms to Ukraine was a lie.

“Someone obviously wants to destabilize our country and draw it into the conflict that we don’t want to take part in,” Vučević told Sputnik adding that: “Serbia has not sold nor will it sell weapons to the Ukrainian or Russian sides, nor to the countries surrounding the conflict”.

Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dačić, also commented on the alleged Pentagon’s report and said that “while respecting internal and international legal acts, the Republic of Serbia does not export weapons and military equipment to any country if this would enable the outbreak or continuation of armed conflicts, which threatens the preservation of regional peace and security or jeopardizes its defence interests”.

Earlier, Reuters quoted a classified Pentagon document that said that Serbia agreed to supply weapons to Kyiv and had already shipped some to Ukraine. Reuters said it could not independently verify the authenticity of the document. “The document is marked Secret and NOFORN, prohibiting its distribution to foreign intelligence services and militaries. It is dated March 2, and embossed with the seal of the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” it said.

The Pentagon also did not immediately respond to Reuters questions about the document’s reference to Serbia and has previously declined to comment on any of the leaked documents.

Retired Serbian Army General Momir Stojanovic said he was certain that Serbia was not selling weapons directly to Ukraine, but added that he could not confirm that Serbia was not doing that indirectly, through third parties.

“Serbia sells weapons via third parties to the US, for example, which then forwards them to Ukraine, by contract,” Stojanović told N1.

The Ukrainian embassy in Belgrade also gave a statement saying “there was no information” that official Belgrade intended to send weapons to Ukraine, or had already done so.

(, N1, Euronews, 13.04.2023)

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