Serbian government becomes 100% owner of Air Serbia

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali confirmed that Serbia is about to complete the paperwork required to acquire Etihad Airways’ stake in Air Serbia.

„Air Serbia is the largest airline in the region. From a company that was in bankruptcy, we have made a leader that now flies to four continents and, in a large number of countries, and we have become an example of how you can contribute further to the economic development of your country through a successful airline,“ Mali told reporters at the Ministry of Finance.

He said the government will devote full attention to Air Serbia’s further development and that the acquisition of large aircraft and introduction of new flight destinations are the next steps.

“I would like to thank the people from Etihad Airways, who were our partners and Air Serbia co-owners from 2013. They are leaving Air Serbia as a result of their business decisions, while it is our job to develop our company,” said Mali.

(Biznis i Finansije, 14.11.2023)

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