Serbian government approves of the revised EU Acquis Adoption Program

Serbian government has approved the second, revised version of the National Programme for the Adoption of the EU Acquis and has entrusted the European Integration Office with providing quarterly reports on the implementation of the Programme.

The government  explained in a press release that the cabinet decided to adopt the revised program on 17th November, which was actually a plan to harmonize national legislation and the institutional framework with the EU Acquis. 

The document lists the measures and activities designed to achieve full harmonization with all the rights and obligations arising from the EU Acquis, the Office went on to say in the press release. 

The second review of the Programme came after the completion of the screening process, providing for a comprehensive insight into the EU Acquis, the current situation and challenges in the harmonization process. 

The EU integration office also said that the plan would be implemented until 31st Dec., 2018, having in mind Serbia’s goal to be fully prepared to accept the obligations arising from EU membership by the end of 2018, and a more general goal of joining the EU by 2021.

(Beta, 20.11.2016)

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