Serbian government approves incentives for foreigners earning over 300,000 dinars a month

Domestic or foreign employers in Serbia will receive subsidies for foreign workers, i.e. those who have not spent more than 180 days in Serbia in the last two years, the Serbian government has decided at its last session.

The Decree on Criteria for Granting Incentives to Employers Employing New Residents in Serbia envisages the employment of those foreigners whose profession/job profile lacks in the domestic labour market, and whose basic monthly salary in Serbia exceeds 300,000 dinars.

In addition to foreigners, the decree includes Serbian returnees from abroad or Serbian citizens who studied abroad.

“The regulation is an important measure for adapting employers to new business conditions in an internationally competitive market in a period of significant inflation and will provide incentives to domestic employers while maintaining the same fiscal burden so that wages paid to foreign nationals or returnees and those educated abroad are competitive with the earnings of foreign employers “, it is stated in the Decree published on the Government’s website.

The incentive will thus cover 70 percent of the calculated and paid payroll tax for one or more employees and 100 percent of the calculated and paid contributions for mandatory pension and disability insurance. This, as stated in the Decree, refers to payments made for newly hired employees in a period of a maximum of 60 months, starting from July 1, 2022 and ending on December 31, 2028.

Employers who pay dividends will not be entitled to this state aid, nor will those who already receive state aid unless the right to the state aid expires by July 1 this year. Furthermore, those employers who already have the right to reduce the salary tax base in accordance with the Law on Income Tax will not be able to count on this type of assistance.

(Euronews, 30.06.2022)


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