Serbian gaming industry sets a new record

The video game industry in Serbia brings in between 50 and 100 million dollars a year and the number of players broke all records during the pandemic. Despite the coronavirus induced crisis, companies in this sector are constantly hiring new people.

A study by an expert association called Bitcom, published in Berlin, shows that the pandemic has produced an incredible growth in the gaming sector, as people spent more time at home playing video games. The situation is the same in Serbia, according to the Serbian Association of the Gaming Industry (SGA).

One of the managers at the SGA, Kristina Janković, says that in the last few months the figures relating to the sale of games, the number of downloads and the sale of consoles have grown in the various markets between 30 to 80%.

According to her, new games are still being made and dozens of new jobs in various gaming companies are still vacant. In Serbia, most of the produced games are made for mobile devices, by small teams of developers who still don’t have substantial funds for more complex projects.

“The gaming industry has proven very resilient to the aftermath of the pandemic,” Janković underlined. Furthermore, the crisis has had a positive effect on this sector, because “the number of players has literally broken all records”.

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“The video game industry in Serbia generates between 50 and 100 million dollars a year and currently employs around 1,500 people. More than half of the total of the 75 companies that are members of the SGA hires new staff every year, even now, during the pandemic.

She adds that the SGA Jobs platform was recently launched to help those interested in finding a job in this sector more easily. All vacancies are listed on the platform and a career guide for beginners has also been created.

“Although this sector is relatively young in Serbia, the country is already well-positioned on the global market, thanks to local companies such as Nordeus and 3Lateral, but also to the renowned global gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Playridge which also operate in Serbia”, concluded Janković.

(Srbija Danas, 02.09.2020)

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