Serbian gaming industry generated EUR 120 million in 2020

In its third annual report on the Serbian gaming industry for 2020, the Serbian Gaming Association (SGA) conducted market research and analysis and presented the projects of the domestic gaming companies.

In 2020, the Serbian gaming industry earned around EUR 120 million and had an annual growth rate of around 20 per cent. It currently employs more than 2,000 people in over 120 companies. One-third of the employees are women, while the most popular products developed by the industry are games for mobile phones (40%) and PC (33%), writes the Startit web portal.

About 60% of the companies have an office in Belgrade and about 66% of all companies are formed as limited liability companies. The largest share of companies (56%) employs up to 5 people, followed by those with between 6 and 20 employees (31%).

As many as 66% of companies said they planned to hire more people in 2021, and the report states that programmer and artist vacancies are the hardest to fill.

Among the types of games being developed, the in-house market is dominated by original titles (62%) while outsourcing comes in second place (11%). About 61% of revenues come from direct sales (between 75 and 100% comes from abroad) and in 2019, only 13% of companies received some kind of external funding.

This year, the Serbian gaming companies produced 41 games and another 51 are in development.

According to the report, industry representatives highlighted bureaucracy as the biggest problem, as well as a lack of funding and regulation that are not suitable for the gaming industry. Some 57 per cent of them expected tax relief from the state.

(Blic, 06.04.2021)

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