Serbian freelancers to officially present their proposal for taxation of Internet workers today

The president of the Association of Internet Workers (freelancers), Miran Pogačar, said that today the Association will have a press conference in front of the Serbian government building, where it will present a new model of taxation for freelance work.

Pogačar told Beta news agency that Internet workers (freelancers) are dissatisfied with the fact that the government’s working group has met only once so far, on 8 October, and added that it was supposed to propose a draft law on taxation by the end of this year.

Freelancers fear that, from January 1, 2022, the taxation model that was agreed in the spring of this year in line with the amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax will be applied, as a transitional solution until the Law on Freelance Work is passed.

According to this law, the tax base would amount to 18,300 dinars, and freelancers would pay a 50% tax on the rest of their income, a rate higher than that of the income of ordinary employees.

“There are less than two months to go before the deadline promised by Serbia’s Finance Minister Siniša Mali for the adoption of the legal solution for the taxation of freelancers’ incomes expires, and the government’s working group has met only once,” Pogačar said.

(Novi Magazin, 09.11.2021)


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